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Double Cleansing…The International Secret.

Practiced for centuries, this new twist on a proven technique will produce an absolutely clean canvas ready for product and makeup. CLEANSING is the hot new trend with professional makeup artists, but the technique is nothing new. European and Japanese women have incorporated double cleansing into their routines for a very long time. Research has shown that double cleansing your skin makes application of anti-aging products more effective. Standing the test of time, this technique can make a world of difference if correctly used.


Smooth the  Nurtrient 9X Oil onto dry skin, circling it over face and eyes for about a minute. If you are not removing make-up, leave on and move to the second cleanse. If you are removing make-up, use a warm cloth to lift makeup, dissolve impurities, and neutralize leftover products from the face and out of pores. Oil fights oil and is good for combating oily skin and breakouts.


 Apply one of the Daily Cleanser as the key to removing excess oil from the surface without drying. Work it into the skin, then rinse or wipe away. 


An absolutely clean and conditioned canvas ready to receive product and makeup application. The clean feeling is profound.



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