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How Our Skin Coaches Are Changing the Skin Care Game.

By now, you’ve heard all about our Skin Authority Facial Club All Access membership and the amazing personalized skin care products and resources that come along with it. Not only do you get special treatments and individually tailored daily routines, but you also get access to one-on-one professional help with our amazing Skin Coaches. We know that can seem a little intimidating, especially if you’ve never worked with a coach one-on-one. Our Skin Authority pros are full of knowledge that can completely change your skin for the better, and they’re really excited to do it. 

So what are the benefits of using our Skin Coaches to lead you through your All Access membership? 

They work directly with YOU and get to know YOU. Unlike other skin care routines that use algorithms and online quizzes to pick your products, your products are chosen by trained professionals who know you and what you’re looking for. Your coach will get to know you, learn about your goals and current lifestyle, and put together a plan that will get you glowing, healthy skin. 

It’s always up for discussion. It’s never a one-and-done kind of situation. You’ll have nine calls with your Skin Coach over the course of the year to make sure your skin is getting what it needs. You’ll talk out your progress, wins, and concerns and can address anything that comes up. They’ll also actively track your progress so that you’re getting the most from your products and will switch up your routine to keep it working optimally for you. 

You’re held accountable. Much like exercise, a consistent daily routine is something we all need, but it can often get forgotten in the craziness of life and put on the back burner. Our Skin Coaches are your built-in accountability partner. They’re there not just to guide you, but to also make sure you’re maintaining your routine and utilizing their recommendations and treatments. There’s no such thing as excuses when you have someone checking in on you and your skin. And we might be a little biased, but each one of our Skin Coaches is a kind and fun person who you’ll definitely be excited to hear from.

You can schedule it at your convenience. Even during these WFH times, “me-time” still feels like something we don’t have enough of. You can work with your coach to schedule phone calls or video chats that fit into your schedule. Our Skin Coaches have you and your skin as their priority, which is why our coaches are flexible and conscious about your time and lifestyle. 

These one-on-one calls are going to help you get the most from your Facial Club All Access membership and will take your skin to the next level of health and radiance. It’s built right into your membership and will help keep your skincare routine dynamic and fully worth every penny (even with the crazy savings you’ll have from using the membership). 

Now go explore the Skin Authority Facial Club All Access and all it has to offer! All you need to do is be ready to have the most glowy & gorgeous skin you’ve ever had.

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