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INTRODUCING: SkinSuit Natural Tint Skin Perfector

We are excited to introduce you to our latest SkinSuit™ family product: 

Natural Tint Skin Perfector. 

If there’s one thing you need to know about us here at Skin Authority, it’s that we really believe skin care is for all. No matter your age, skin tone, gender, history – you are beautiful and deserve glowing, healthy skin, and products, with guidance to help you find the right ones for you. ​​Our ultimate goal is to give that beauty visibility and a voice through our products and community engagement, and this goal is always top-of-mind in every skincare product we create for you. 

Introducing: Natural Tint Skin Perfector

The current SkinSuit products featuring our patented Mineral Active Protection™, SkinSuit Face and SkinSuit Lip, have become wildly popular – and for good reason – so, we’re extremely excited to introduce you to our newest product, our SkinSuit™ Natural Tint Skin Perfector

Natural Tint Skin Perfector is natural tint foundation, corrective moisturizer, and daily environmental protection in one. It offers universal tint color coverage that immediately corrects and evens skin tone for a seriously beautiful, dewy finish while providing Mineral Active Protection™ against environmental damage and digital aging. Plus, our Enviro-D™ boost of topical Vitamin D3 builds skin immunity, while providing cosmetic enhancement. It’ll blur out imperfections while also improving firmness and texture. 

Mineral Active Protection

Whether you’re a long-time Skin Authority fan or new to the brand, you should add to your arsenal SkinSuit, a family of products designed to boost skin immunity and well-being. 

Within the SkinSuit family, our Mineral Active Protection™ products incorporate our patented coated mineral actives to reduce the signs of environmental damage and digital aging while promoting overall healthy skin with advanced antioxidants and nourishing hydration. Your skin will visibly appear more youthful, brighter, and healthier. 

Mineral Active Protection specifically shields you from the damaging effects of indoor exposure to light from digital screens (blue light) and wireless technology (infrared), while also protecting your skin outdoors from sunlight (UVA/UVB SPF50), pollution, and heat. Unlike chemically based sunscreens, this full light and environmental protection is reef-safe while offering a mineral formula that goes on sheer and quickly absorbs into your skin, leaving you looking flawless while it nourishes and protects. 

How It Works

SkinSuit™ products with Mineral Active Protection incorporate specially coated mineral actives in a sheer, protective fluid which restores and maintains complexion, texture, and tone by blocking and quenching free radicals before they damage your skin and accelerate aging. The mineral actives boost the stability and efficacy of topical vitamins and antioxidants from ALL your skincare products up to 200%, including retinol, vitamin C, vitamin E – even more than your typical zinc oxide mineral sunscreens from other leading brands. 

For an added boost of protection, Mineral Active Protection enhances the performance of sunscreen actives up to 5x to protect against a full range of environmental aging aggressors up to 98%, even ones you may not be thinking about, including UV light from sun exposure, blue light from all your day-to-day devices, infrared radiation, activity-induced heat from exercise and other exertion, and pollution no matter where you live. 

Inclusive for All Skin Tones

The deeper your skin tone, the more you probably understand that good mineral sunscreens are rare. They tend to be thick and leave a white-cast residue. Even if it’s labeled “tinted” that doesn’t mean it’s tinted for YOU. However, our patented coating allows for it to dry invisibly as it absorbs into your skin for that all-day protection, making that cloudy layer a thing of the past. Natural Tint Skin Perfector universal, ungendered, tint coverage is absorbed to give you even skin tone overall, blurring any imperfections and discolorations, acting as a lightweight foundation – one that packs a nourishing punch, of course. 

If you’re a big fan of SkinSuit™ Face and Lip, Natural Tint Skin Perfector is the ideal complement. All these products have their own set of benefits that can be mixed and matched for the ultimate layer of protection, perfect coverage, and healthy glow. 

Now’s Your Time

There is no better time to add Natural Tint Skin Perfector to your routine. Yes, it’s amazing for ALL – all skin types, goals, and tones. Not only will it boost the efficacy of your other skincare products and nourishing makeup routine (if you have one), but it also gives you all the protection you need to head off signs of aging and visible damage. 

Ready to shop? Explore our entire SkinSuit™ family and add this new powerhouse to your routine. Talk with one of our professional Skin Coaches to see how it can elevate your entire routine and bring you the healthy, young glow you’ve always dreamed of that still actively keeps you safe through your day-to-day. 

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