Simple Expressions

MaleBackMeditatingSunsetHow many times have you said, “Oh, it was simple.” I bet you say it often. Though, was “it” – the birthday party, charity event, presentation, conversation with a loved one, etc. – truly simple? It seems the things that were created to make our lives easier and simple – BlackBerries, iPhones, iPods – actually complicate our daily lives. I admit that I multi-task constantly and it’s not simple, relaxing, or, for that matter, safe (particularly when you are driving!). Seriously, can’t we all take a breath, pause and make things simple?

I recently met up with a family member I hadn’t seen in a while. She has been under a lot of stress lately and it really was beginning to show on her face and in her body language. I know from experience that a small change in her appearance could have a profound change in her own attitude. But exactly how do you bring this up and talk about it in a simple, loving, and caring way? I realized that even though I’m a skin care professional, in my mind I was making it a little more complicated than it needed to be.

That’s when I told my loved one how stressed she must feel and shared with her two simple techniques for reducing stress and feeling better. First, I told her to breath deeply every day – throughout the day. Then I told her to take 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening to pamper herself with a simple three-step skin care routine. About a week later she called me to thank me. She felt better and was starting to see some real change when she looked in the mirror. It really made her feel better. I was amazed at how simple it was to help her. (Check-out these simple home care kits that Skin Authority offers. They put everything together for one great result. It doesn’t have to be complicated.)

Let me know how you’ve simplified your life these days.


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