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Sunscreen. You apply it daily (or at least you know you should be!). But do you really understand the protection that the largest organ of your body needs? Not all sunscreens are created equal and have the ability to protect you from the broad spectrum of hazardous elements of the modern world. In fact, some sunscreens are doing more harm than good.

If you want to protect yourself and prevent premature aging, spots, fine lines, and wrinkles, you should be aware of what you need to be protecting your body from and what you are actually putting on yourself. The good news is you’re not alone and we’re here to inform you of a solution to keep you and your loved ones safe! Read on to understand exactly what you need to add to not just your beauty arsenal, ASAP!

What are Environmental Aggressors?

Indoor and outdoor environmental aggressors include blue light, UV radiation, infrared light, activity-heat, and pollution. Environmental aggressors create cosmetic discoloration, aging, and sagging while breaking down all product that sits on the skin. Most of us rarely think about the blue light that emits from our phones and laptops as we scroll from the comfort of our home! Typical sunscreens protect against UV radiation, which includes UVA, UVB rays that penetrate the dermis causing wrinkles and nasty sunburns.

Enter: SkinSuit ™

Gone are the days of just SPF in your sunscreen! Our latest product, SkinSuit ™ protects against all indoor and outdoor elements. SkinSuit™ instantly boosts any skin care routine and Magnifies performance of Topical antioxidants by up to 200%. It’s not greasy or oily and actually dissolves into skin rather than the white pigment sunscreens exude. Coated minerals actives shield skin from infrared radiation, blue light, activity induced heat, pollution, and UV light. When applied to the skin, Skin Suit ™ offers sheer color that is also color corrective, offering light coverage over minor blemishes and imperfections. Like the rest of our products, SkinSuit ™ does not contain parabens, perfumes, dyes, but is also reef safe, cruelty-free, and sustainable for the environment. Can your current sunscreen do all of that? SkinSuit ™ is complete protection with a luxurious texture that feels and looks amazing on every skin tone! 


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