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7 Resolutions for a Year of Healthy Skin

The new year is in full swing and my focus is to identify and avoid “hidden” sugars when choosing the food I eat. Not an easy task when on the road, but I can feel the benefits of sticking with it!

Of course, any change to your lifestyle is a commitment. As a healthy skin expert, I hope you’ll consider embracing the simple daily steps to protecting one of your most important health resources…your skin. Here are 7 tips to set you on the right foot for skin care success.

Resolve to:

  1. Wash your Face – Yes, it’s that simple! Cleaning your skin is one of the most important things you can do when you wake up and before you go to bed. Bacteria and dead skin build up can cause surface irritation and breakouts. Remove make-up and deep cleanse in one step by using cleansers incorporating AHAs which kill bacteria and loosen dead skin cells.
  2. Practice Safe Sun – Another simple one and, oh, so important! Use sunscreen every day, rain or shine. To determine the quality, look on the label for the term “broad spectrum” at an SPF-15 or 30. (Above a 30 adds very little extra protection and increases the amount of chemicals on your skin). Reapply every 2 hours when outdoors.
  3. Be Hands Off – Regardless of the urge, keep your hands off your pimples. By pushing and prodding, you are actually pushing bacteria deeper, causing more inflammation and potentially scarring the skin.  Masks with sulfur and clay can draw out impurities without picking!
  4. Stop Smoking – Cigarette smoke contains more than 4000 toxins, many of which are absorbed directly into the bloodstream and are taken by the blood into the skin’s structure. In addition to its negative, carcinogenic effects on your body and overall health, smoking causes premature aging, thins the skin, reduces collagen and contributes to an unflattering “apple” body shape in women.
  5. Sleep – One of the biggest impairments to skin care is stress, so ease into a good night’s sleep by turning off the television, taking a warm bath, dimming the lights and practicing breathing exercises.
  6. Simplify – Having a problem sticking to a routine? Consistency is key. Simplify to no more than three to four steps in the morning and at night.
  7. Shop Smarter – Shop for skin care the way you shop for food, by looking at the cost per ounce. You’ll find that products from spas and salons are a great bargain as they include complimentary consultations with licensed esthetics experts.


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