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GF Complete

Regenerative GF Complete: A new era of ageless skincare

From the inception of Skin Authority, we have always been about bringing you the most advanced and innovative cosmetic results while also maintaining your skin’s optimal health. This led to our patented Fear-Free Peel, giving you the ability to dissolve rough surface skin rather than rip and tear it. As spa treatments have become more invasive in search of advanced cosmetic results (think: microneedling, CO2 laser, advanced chemical peels – you know the ones) resulting in increased redness, swelling, and inflammatory downtime, we became obsessed with finding a way to ensure our professionals could bring a new level of result without damage while increasing skin wellness simultaneously. 

That is why we at Skin Authority are thrilled to introduce you to the next generation of age-enhancing and immune-boosting skincare: Regenerative GF Complete. It’s a body natural growth factor technology producing the most advanced cosmetic results while increasing holistic healing. Basically, it’s a non-invasive treatment enhancement to replenish your skin’s healing proteins, giving you instant results that keep getting better with time. Sounds pretty good, right? We thought so. 

What is Skin Authority’s Regenerative GF Complete? 

The Regenerative GF Complete is a treatment available only from certified Skin Authority Pros to complement your regular skin resurfacing or device-driven treatments. It’s an advanced topical serum that is applied to your skin after your facial, whether it’s a gentle peel or a deeper dive, like microneedling or laser. 

This treatment uses our iconic SGF-4 PRO Technology™ to replenish your skin’s stores of naturally occurring proteins while reducing inflammation and signs of aging, encouraging cell regeneration, and improving your skin’s overall immune defense. (You know how much we love skin immunity, after all!) Once applied, your post-treatment downtime for healing will be drastically reduced and you’ll see AND feel immediate results, including supersized volume, smoother skin, even skin tone, boosted hydration, and reduced scarring. You’ll be left with skin that gives you gorgeous cosmetic results through true holistic health which regenerates daily.

How does it work? 

As a whole new era of anti-aging skincare developed by immunologists and tested by medical doctors, Regenerative GF Complete brings its naturally occurring body proteins deep into your skin, replenishing once full stores and encouraging their growth within your body. It helps create cell-to-cell communication that goes beyond your skin and deep within your body, triggering cell repair and increasing your skin’s resiliency. 

After your facial treatment – like dermaplaning, microneedling, or even a chemical peel – your esthetician will apply this serum to your skin, allowing all the SGF-4 PRO Technology™ proteins to deeply penetrate your skin. Those proteins work to reduce swelling, calm redness, or other skin trauma. The result is an increase in your skin’s ability to retain moisture without temporary plumping agents. Because the Regenerative GF Complete improved the molecular structure of your skin, you’ll get actual lasting results that only get better with time (and the help of our famed Skin Authority SGF-4 home care products). Plus, if you go for one of the more intense facial treatments, it can cut your healing and downtime in half. It’s non-aggressive, non-invasive, anti-inflammatory, and – to be frank – groundbreaking. 

How do you keep the Regenerative GF Complete magic alive?

Regenerative GF Complete is a lot of things, but there’s one thing it’s not. It’s not a one-and-done kind of thing. It’s important to maintain it if you want sustained results. By replenishing those naturally occurring growth factors and keeping your skin protected from all those outside aggressors, that gorgeous volume and glow keep going, and you keep glowing.

Of course, we’re always here to help you look your best. You don’t have to keep going back to get facials with the RGFC (though you’re more than welcome to if that’s your thing). We have products ready for you to add to your arsenal at home that will keep these gorgeous results going strong – and even with continued and dynamic results. 

Moisturizing Lift Cream

This dreamy moisturizing Skin Authority formula uses the same body natural SGF-4 Technology™ growth factor proteins to hydrate and firm your dry, damaged skin. The protein-rich cream has a unique ionic charge to soothe your flaky skin, lift sagging skin, and replenish your moisture barrier for a more refreshed and youthful look. 

Wrinkle Reversing Serum

Using SGF-4 Technology™, the Wrinkle Reversing Serum helps restore your smooth, full, line-free skin, reducing fine lines around your mouth, eyes, and forehead. It will restore your body’s natural proteins needed to keep your skin gorgeous long-term, especially after the Regenerative GF Complete.

Dramatic Eye Lift

Our patented SGF-4 proteins are concentrated in this miracle-working product to lift, tighten, and restore that delicate area surrounding your eyes. Say goodbye to those pesky fine lines and sagging skin, and say hello to brighter, tighter, and more refreshed eyes. 

SkinSuit™ Family

If you know, you know – but if you don’t, it’s time you learn about Skin Authority SkinSuit™ products. As we mentioned earlier, protecting your skin is absolutely vital if you want to maintain the gorgeous results brought on by the Regenerative GF Complete. Simply stated, each of the SkinSuit™ favorites shields your skin from UV radiation, blue light, infrared, pollution, and activity-induced heat while nourishing, hydrating, and boosting immunity. SGF-4 Technology is incredibly effective on its own, but pairing it with SkinSuit will boost your results by 200%! 

Regenerative GF Complete is now available for you to experience and revel in from our certified Skin Authority Pros. You can find our list of certified Pros on our website – and we are training and certifying new professionals every day, so keep checking back if you haven’t found one near you yet. And if you’re not sure if it’s for you, let’s talk it out. Our Skin Coaches only have your gorgeous skin in mind, and they want to make sure you get the glow you’ve always dreamed of, so set up some time to discuss your goals and concerns with them. But we are very confident in the proven results of the Regenerative GF Complete and the doors it has opened for skin health. You’ll never again have to compromise health and well-being for cosmetic beauty – with Regenerative GF Complete, you will have both. 

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