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Skin Care for Lovers

Skin Care for Lovers

Love is in the air for us all this time of year, whether you’ve got a boo or not. February is no longer just about romantic celebrations – it’s now the time we celebrate those we love and who love us, from life partners to lifelong friendships. Of course, at Skin Authority, we know how to celebrate every single relationship you have with tender loving care, and we have a guide to help you do just that. 

FEEL the Love with Your Valentine

Nothing is more important in a relationship than time together. Whether you’re spending an intimate evening in or taking a romantic date night out, Skin Authority can make you look and feel your best and set the mood. 

Your sweetie works hard, and they deserve to be treated to a little luxury. Surprise them with a relaxing bath, complete with candles, music, flowers, and a dose of the Well-Being Bath & Shower Retreat. This uplifting formula uses a blend of mint, citrus, and pine to help your body and mind unwind and release. Plus, it’s infused with Vitamin D, giving your body some much needed nourishment that boosts skin immunity – protecting your entire body from pathogens and bacteria. 

No matter if you’re staying in or going out, you’ve got to make sure your lips are prepped and ready. Many don’t know that your lips crave as much attention as the rest of your skin, and they deserve it (and so does your partner)! Give your lips a serious boost of hydration with the Nutrient 9X Oil. This multi-use oil is a cocktail of nourishing, natural oils that provide antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and moisture repair without clogging or overpowering. You’ll be left with softened, plump lips. For a little extra protection and color, don’t forget the SkinSuit Lip, a hydrating lip treatment that gives you a sheer, flirty tint. 

SHARE the Love with Your Galentines

Romantic partnership has nothing on the relationship you have with your friends, and it’s worth celebrating all year ‘round. But don’t miss out on the chance to break out the wine, rom coms, snacks, and Skin Authority for a dreamy Galentine’s Day celebration. 

There is no better gift for a Galentine’s night in than the Bestie Beauty Box – a kit that nourishes and celebrates the unique beauty you each have. This shared beauty box experience includes four different products for a night full of glowy treatments. 

  1. Open your kit and take out the two (yes, TWO, one for each of you) 7-Minute Makeover Masks. Open each packet and unfold, lay onto your face, and allow it to bubble for 7 minutes of pure bliss. Selfies are encouraged! These masks will hydrate, refine, and smooth your skin in a matter of minutes. Once the time is up, remove the mask. You can pat away any excess foam, but leave the rest of the product for your skin to enjoy.
  2. The Under Eye Rescue Mask is next, and each kit comes with two sets. Take your bestie and open each packet and place the sheet masks onto the contour of your eye. Leave for 15 minute and let the active serum of hyaluronate and peptides/amino acids revive and smooth the delicate skin underneath your eyes.
  3. Move onto the Calming Mask – an aromatic mask that helps exfoliate skin, clear pores, dry blemishes, and calm irritation. Share the bottle and apply it all over, avoiding your eyes, lips, and hairline and let it dry for 5 minutes. Then wet it with warm water to soften, remove with a wet cloth, and enjoy every soothing inch of refreshed skin.  
  4. To finish off the bestie treatment, apply a few drops of the Beauty Infusion for Anti-Aging to your face, neck, and the backs of your hands. Massage it gently in, and let it work its magic as it improves photo-aged skin, vertical wrinkles, lip lines, and general roughness. If you want to let the Galentine bonding last a little longer, add a couple of drops to your scalp to restore shine and luster to your hair. 

ENJOY the Love

However you choose to spend Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to give yourself a little love, too, whether that includes one-on-one time with your special someone, a night in with your best friend, or a cozy night in treating yourself to something luxurious. And you might just get a free gift from us in the process, too. 😉 

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