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Your Guide To Healthy Winter Skin

Fall snuck up on us in a blink of an eye. And guess what? Winter is here! As the seasons change, it’s time to make sure your skincare routine changes, too. The fall is a wonderful time to transition your skin care routine by focusing on moisturizing and hydrating your skin to maintain your radiant glow year-round.

Cold or dry air holds less moisture than warm summer breeze, which means that winter months create harsh conditions for our skin! Your skin will need more moisture and time to prepare. Stay clear of dull, dry, and irritated skin with the proper skin care regimen! We’ve compiled some of our favorite products that we recommend for the seasons ahead.


It offers your skin a much deeper and more hydrating clean than just using a single basic cleanser. Standing the test of time, this technique can make a world of difference if correctly used.

Nutrient 9X Oil

Here at Skin Authority we have the perfect products to introduce Double Cleansing into your skin care routine.

FIRST CLEANSE: Smooth the Nurtrient 9X Oil onto dry skin, circling it over face and eyes for about a minute. If you are not removing make-up, leave on and move to the second cleanse. If you are removing make-up, use a warm cloth to lift makeup, dissolve impurities, and neutralize leftover products from the face and out of pores. Oil fights oil and is good for combating oily skin and breakouts.

Daily Cleanser

SECOND CLEANSE:  Apply one of the Daily Cleanser as the key to removing excess oil from the surface without drying. Work it into the skin, then rinse or wipe away. 

The result is an absolutely clean, conditioned, and hydrated canvas ready to face the harsh realities of winter. The clean feeling is profound.


A regular exfoliating routine will leave you with a radiant glow all year long. Exfoliating removes the build-up of dead skin cells that clog the skin uncovering your fresh glowing skin! Skin Authority Instant Perfection Peel Pads will rid your pores from environmental elements, dirt, sweat, and dry skin letting your moisturizer effectively penetrate your skin. One sweep of our exclusive leave-on peel solution smooths the skin for flawless makeup application prep and boosts the performance of your daily products that follow. 


The thin skin around your eyes is frail and extremely sensitive which is why it is crucial to keep the area protected during the dryer months. It is vital to apply an eye cream rich in green tea extract, chamomile, and arnica. These ingredients will help reduce puffiness, smooth fine lines, and keep skin moisturized during dry winter months. To avoid a seasonal complexion dilemma, make sure to include the Reviving Eye Brightener to your daily routine. We don’t want your eyes to drop with the temperature!


Keep your skin hydrated with Skin Authority Ultra Rich Moisturizer, which is our cream-based formula to keep dryness at bay. Ultra Rich Moisturizer will do all the heavy lifting for you! The combination of aloe, mango, bergamot, shea butter, and safflower works to calm inflammation so you’re looking your best. These natural botanicals will nourish your complexion for a dewy finish lasting long after you’ve checked out.


Mist away your fears of the chilling months ahead with VitaQuench Mist. This moisturizing mist helps extend the wear of makeup and serves as an invisible protective barrier to shield the face and body against environmental stressors throughout the day. Microbursts of Vitamins A, C & B5 help quench free radical damage and replenish moisture help maintain a healthy glow throughout the winter months! 

Just because you’ll be covering up this season doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat your skin with the best. Taking care of your skin during the dry, chilly months of the year will ensure you’re looking your greatest all year long.

If you still need a little guidance, schedule a FREE session with one of our Skin Coaches to point your skin care in the right direction for you.

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