Introducing the BeautyWorkout

Oct23-1Now that we have been together in the BeautyWorkoutTM  Zone for a few weeks, you may be wondering what is this “BeautyWorkout” that is important enough to be the namesake of our blog.

Like other successful, professionally guided personal improvement programs (think personal trainers, career coaching, nutritionists) Skin Authority brings together the goal setting, products, daily routines, and support needed to achieve and sustain a Healthy Skin Lifestyle. The three core elements of The BeautyWorkoutTM program are skin coaching, simple routines, and high performance products.

Skin coaches are specially trained and certified professionals who eliminate the guesswork that is often associated with maintaining healthy skin. They listen to your needs, help set goals, recommend the best products, and hold your hand throughout the entire process. Skin Coaching is free and available in-person at select retail locations or virtually via phone, Skype, FaceTime, email, chat and other online tools.

Simple daily skin care routines work much like physical fitness routines and are designed to maximize results with a minimum of time and stress. Simple steps address the four key areas of healthy skin fitness:

  • Cardio: Speed up your skin’s metabolism for healthy skin renewal
  • Strength Training: Build your skin mass for strength for fit, firm, and tight structure
  • Nutrition: Your diet plan for skin. Feed and hydrate your skin for soft, smooth, and healthy texture.
  • Balance: Your personal skin mantra. Calm inflammation and regulate hormonal response for clear, luminous complexion

At Skin Authority, one of our highest priorities has always been high performance products. We will equip you with the most innovative, multi-purpose product solutions. Through this, we minimize steps; produce immediate results as well as long-term improvement; eliminate dyes, added fragrances, parabens, and animal testing; and offering all of this to you at an accessible price.

Many of us are focused on how we can achieve a healthy lifestyle. We know the value of working out to transform our physique and the same principle applies to our skin. When you put in the well balanced, daily work you will see your skin transform into the radiant skin you deserve. Each week we will be unraveling different aspects of the BeautyWorkoutTM and answering your questions to give you a clear vision of what your BeautyWorkoutTM is.

 Have you started your BeautyWorkoutTM?

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