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Common Skin Care Mistakes & How To Avoid Them


Are you looking for shortcuts and simple solutions for everything from shopping, to exercise, to your skin-care routine? A time- and money-saving gift for you: when it comes to skin care, less is more. That advice, plus four more tips to help avoid common skin-care mistakes you may not even realize you are making:

  1. Not cleansing before bed. With work and hectic home life, there are likely to be many nights where you’d much rather fall into bed than take a few minutes to cleanse your skin. Sweat, oil, and dirt sit on your skin all day, so even if you don’t wear make-up, you still need to cleanse. My favorite is Daily Cleanser, a clear gel formula that gently cleanses and balances skin, leaving it feeling clean and smooth.An evening skin-care routine also is your time to address any concerns and/or maintain your current skin health. Before going to bed, I recommend just a few steps: use resurfacing ingredients such as AHAs (Resurfacing Accelerator), retinol (Vitamin A Cell Renewal), and restorative peptides (Tri-Power Peptide Hydrator).
  2. Too much caffeine. Not what you wanted to hear, I’m sure. That morning cup of Joe dehydrates skin, which you definitely don’t want to enhance in the winter. If you need alternatives to help you wake up and stay alert without caffeine, I suggest upping your intake of vitamins B and D, adding more protein to your diet, or simply drinking more water.
  3. Inconsistency. A skin-care routine is similar to an exercise routine. Lifting a weight once won’t create muscle definition; wearing sunscreen only when on vacation is not the path to achieving a healthy complexion. You are unlikely to see any results by using products just once or twice. Also, if it takes you six months to use a bottle that is intended to be used in two, you are not benefiting from the active ingredients. Find what works for you and stick with it.
  4. Overdoing itAs the saying goes, “Too much of a good thing is too much.” If you are repeating your routine more than twice daily, it is too much. By over-cleansing/toning/astringing, you are stripping your skin of healthy oils, which causes it to produce extra oil. Oil production can be balanced with a healthy and consistent skin care routine.

For more information on mistakes you may be making with your skin care, I urge you to talk with a skin coach. It’s simple to connect with a coach through the new My Skin Authority app. I helped create the app, which is the first interactive lifestyle app that connects people with a live esthetics expert for coaching and guidance. My Skin Authority is a free download at the Apple App Store and on Google play.

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