Get a Deep, Rich Tan without Harmful UV Exposure


A tan is bad news when it is the result of exposure to UV rays from laying out at the beach or from a bulb in a tanning bed. A recent medical journal study revealed:

  • The number of skin cancer cases due to tanning is higher than the number of lung cancer cases due to smoking.
  • In the US alone, 419,254 cases of skin cancer can be attributed to indoor tanning (beds). Out of this number, 6,199 are melanoma cases.

Most dermatologists consider the sunless tanner mode of achieving that “sun-kissed glow” much safer than obtaining a tan from the cancer-causing ultraviolet (UV) radiation that comes from the sun or tanning booths. Self-tanning products are available as lotions, creams, sprays, and wipes. These products typically contain an ingredient known as DHA, a sugar molecule that bronzes the very top layer of the skin. The browning effect occurs within a few hours. The effect is temporary and the color fades in 7-10 days as the skin naturally sloughs off. DHA is FDA-approved and the concentrations used in sunless tanning preparations are considered non-toxic and noncarcinogenic.

Unfortunately, many self-tanning products have an objectional smell and may streak or stain hands and fabric after use. The good news is that improved products are available that have eliminated the smell and include special ingredients that minimize streaking, staining, or uneven tanning. Some more advanced formulas even include exfoliants, conditioners, and hydrators for a silky, smooth result. Sunless Tanner by Skin Authority allows you to achieve a rich and natural tan without smell, streaks, or harmful UV exposure. It incorporates a gentle exfoliator for deeper tan result and vitamins C & E to condition and nourish the skin for a smoother result.

No matter which sunless tanner product you choose, here are some tips for getting the best results possible:

  • Before applying a self tanner, prep your skin by exfoliating with a scrub. This releases dead skin patches and opens pathways for the sunless tanner to work better. We recommend a natural body scrub such as Bamboo Ginseng Scrub or Coffee Almond Scrub from Skin Authority.
  • After exfoliation, apply moisturizer to those areas where the sunless tanner might pool or collect — inside and outside elbow, knuckles, knees, etc. This ensures that the tanner will be absorbed evenly. We recommend using Olive, Fig, Shea Butter Body Cream by Skin Authority as your moisturizer.
  • One application may not be enough to achieve the rich tan you desire. Reapply until the desired tan is acquired. Then reapply every three to five days to maintain the result.
  • Finally, preserve your own glow by following The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Prevention Guidelines every single day. These include seeking the shade, wearing sun-protective clothing, using a sunscreen with an SPF 15 or higher, and avoiding tanning and UV tanning booths. Daily Defense Moisturizer SPF30 is perfectly formulated for use with Sunless Tanner, both by Skin Authority.

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