SGF-4 Technology Explained

Skin Growth Factors (SGF-4 Technology™)

Q:  What is the difference between a stem cell and growth factors?
A:  Skin is the only organ in the body which has its own stem cells.  Growth Factors are necessary to activate stem cells which are dormant cells until activated.  Growth factors trigger the stem cell in the skin to perform repair and regenerative functions which have visible cosmetically enhancing results.  Stem cells don’t “jump” species so a plant based stem cell functions more like an antioxidant in protecting the exterior of the cell versus stimulating a human repair function.

Q: So does that mean that it’s just for those looking for an anti-aging product? Or would there be any benefit for anyone else?
A: SGF-4 Technology products works well for those in their 20s on. You actually see a visible difference within a few minutes of the first application but what is more powerful is the way the SGF technology helps protect and reinvigorate the functionality of the lives skin cells below the surface! By strengthening the underlying infrastructure, folds are reduced, the skin looks clear and luminous, plus it feels tighter and lifted.

Q: What are the benefits of the SGF-4 Products?
A: Dramatic Eye Lift is a highly-concentrated formula designed to lift and tighten the delicate skin around the eyes. This protein-rich formula is infused with essential fatty acids and anti-inflammatory agents to tighten sagging skin and soften fine lines or crow’s feet, for a refreshed, younger, and lifted look.

Wrinkle Reversing Serum is designed to plump and fill even the deepest lines and wrinkles. This triple action product visibly reduces the signs of aging by pushing plumper cells to the surface, lifts away discoloration, and firms collagen structures for a tight, radiant glow.

Moisturizing Lift Cream is an ultra-luxurious formula designed to hydrate and firm dry, depleted, and sagging skin. Targeted proteins and antioxidants treated with a unique ionic charge lock-in moisture and nutrients, while tightening underlying skin structure for a soft, smooth, and lifted look.

Q: Many people think that Retinol is the best anti-aging ingredient/product to use to fight off wrinkles, yet, this isn’t a retinol product. What makes this different than retinol, and is it better?
A: Retinols and Growth Factors both have skin healthy benefits, but in different ways. Retinols enhance collagen and elastin development in skin by causing the surface skin cells to “turnover” or exfoliate away (which is why redness and irritation sometimes occur). When the cells turnover, the live skin tissue underneath produces new skin cells to replace the lost ones. Collagen and elastin are produced during this process. However, the new cells that are produced “copy” the DNA structure of the cells that came before. So damage is copied and reproduced.

Growth Factors actually work to replace the damaged DNA proteins so, when cells turnover, healthier functioning cells are replicated. Growth Factors are more preventative than retinols, which exfoliate away topical damaged cells, but don’t affect the damaged proteins.

Q: Those who have used a retinol-type product know that redness and peeling can be part of the process. What sort of side effects could we expect with SGF?
A: Retinols force the skin to exfoliate, which sometimes causes redness and peeling. Growth Factors are not exfoliators and have been safely used in the cosmetics market since 1996. Because Skin Authority’s SGF utilizes body natural proteins versus synthetic proteins, the product is more easily assimilated by the skin.

Q: How would our skin care regimen look if we started using these products?
A: Use Skin Authority SGF products right after you cleanse in the morning and again at night, if desired. (Application rule of thumb: Apply Serums before creams).

Q: When can we expect to see initial results?
A: Results are visible in as little as three minutes, which makes the SGF-4 Technology products great for big events as well as long-term care.

Q: And what will continued use bring to our skin?
A: With continued use, SGF-4 Technology actually reprograms the way your cells think. Cells will begin to act as if they are in their ‘infant’ development stage again. They’ll then only produce healthy cells that will make your skin look better and better over time.

Q: Do we still need to exfoliate? And are they safe to use if we have a prescription for a retinol product?
A: Resurfacing is critical to your skin care routine. You will want to continue resurfacing with retinols at night and use the SGF products during the day when their immune-enhancing benefits can help fight the damaging effects of the sun.

Q: If we use the serum, could we still use or facial wash and moisturizer with them?
A: You should always cleanse before applying. And, don’t leave out the moisturizer. Rain or shine, never leave your house without applying a sunscreen moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15.


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