Myth: Using Collagen Creams Will Firm the Skin

Beauty-JawlineToday, we are going to address a very common myth: collagen creams that claim to firm the skin. Unfortunately, the collagen molecule is too large to penetrate the skin, and even if it could, applying collagen does not produce more collagen. Collagens creams can be good moisturizers, but to get any collagen benefits, the skin needs to produce it itself. Collagen is the infrastructure of the skin that gives it fullness and form. As we age, the skin’s ability to produce collagen on its own diminishes as a result of slowed cell production and sun exposure. Stimulating the skin to increase new cell production can result in increased collagen and firmer denser skin.

Glycolic AHA in concentrations of 15% or higher, when applied to the skin, creates pathways from the epidermis to the dermis (where collagen is formed). When the dermis is stimulated it causes the functional activation of fibroblasts (needed for collagen production), an increase in hyaluronic acid content and new skin cells resulting in an improvement in density, skin tightening and deep wrinkles.

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