The D Word You Need to Know and Use

Let the sun shine in as spring weather spreads across the country. After a dreary winter, it’s likely you are heading outdoors as often as you can to soak up some Vitamin D. You can (and should) wear sunscreen and still get D. Vitamin D is made in the skin and functions like a hormone. As we age, skin loses its ability to produce sufficient levels of vitamin D and appears dull, dry, discolored and less firm. The skin needs D to make D, thus, a real dilemma. To give everyone – babies to seniors – the benefits of a topical dose of D, we created the VitaD Fortified™ Topical Elixir. Our unique topical dose of Vitamin D is combined with a gentle retinol and powerful peptide complex. The result is a lightweight formula that produces luminous, healthy-looking skin and combats photo-aging. As with all Skin Authority products, the clean formula … Continue reading

March’s #FaceofSkinAuthority – Estelle Heron

March’s #FaceofSkinAuthority is Estelle Heron (Instagram @estelleheron). This beautiful blonde calls Seattle home while traveling the world as a model and makeup artist. She is also a multi-tasking mom to an almost-5-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son. Estelle has been using Skin Authority for more than six years and was introduced to our brand by partner Gene Juarez Salons & Spas in Seattle. When asked why she loves and recommends Skin Authority, Estelle replies, “I see how well the products work! There is something from Skin Authority for every situation and skin condition.” Estelle often uses Skin Authority on-set prior to doing her own make-up or client’s prep for shoots. She frequently turns to the GO! Kits for prep, as well as Tri-Power Peptide Hydrator, Reviving Eye Brightener and Dramatic Eye Lift. Estelle also loves Skin Authority Acne & Oil Control, “I apply the Acne & Oil on client’s T Zone … Continue reading

Creating a Home Spa Experience

Ahhh… the Season of Love is upon us! I feel like playing cupid and sharing some ideas on creating the right mood for Valentine’s. There’s no question that the right spa experiences can be very romantic – the serene atmosphere, the aromas, the candles, the healing touch. Whether you are going for the day to unwind, or for a week to reconnect, spas provide a very sensory experience. So why not create a spa environment at home? Whether you indulge yourself or share it with a partner, you can achieve a wonderful result. I think it all starts with healthy eating. If you are eating properly, you will feel better about yourself. The inhibitions will come down and your mood will be elevated. Now that we’re eating healthy, let’s have some fun and create a spa experience at home. Start by outfitting your bedroom and bathroom with some luxurious linens … Continue reading

Myth: Using Collagen Creams Will Firm the Skin


Today, we are going to address a very common myth: collagen creams that claim to firm the skin. Unfortunately, the collagen molecule is too large to penetrate the skin, and even if it could, applying collagen does not produce more collagen. Collagens creams can be good moisturizers, but to get any collagen benefits, the skin needs to produce it itself. Collagen is the infrastructure of the skin that gives it fullness and form. As we age, the skin’s ability to produce collagen on its own diminishes as a result of slowed cell production and sun exposure. Stimulating the skin to increase new cell production can result in increased collagen and firmer denser skin. Glycolic AHA in concentrations of 15% or higher, when applied to the skin, creates pathways from the epidermis to the dermis (where collagen is formed). When the dermis is stimulated it causes the functional activation of fibroblasts … Continue reading

Myth: You Can Get Rid of Cellulite


Trying to navigate and smooth out cellulite fact from fiction isn’t easy but there is a small amount of good news: there are options that may make a difference. The bad news is that even the treatments that have some potential of working rarely live up to the claims asserted, but improvement as opposed to merely wasting your money is definitely a turn for the better. A great way to start is to straighten out some popular myths about cellulite. Men don’t get cellulite. To some extent, that’s true. Physiologically, women are far more prone to accumulating fat on the thighs and hips while men gain weight in the abdominal area. In addition, for women, the connective tissue beneath the skin has more stretch and is vulnerable to disruption, which is the perfect environment for developing cellulite. Some men do get cellulite, just statistically not as much as women do. … Continue reading

Spring Revival: Getting a Safe Sunny Glow


Is there a better time of year than spring? Everything is coming alive and people are so happy to escape from their winter cocoons. With the sun shining and the warmer temps, we’ve been receiving several questions about safe tanning. I am so thrilled that the message of safe, sunless tanning is resonating with today’s teens and 20-something’s as well as those of us who are a bit older and probably spent too much time in the sun when we were young! I invite you to check out and these quick tips to keep in mind with sunless tanning: Frequently Asked Questions About Sunless Tanners. I also have a short video on how to apply sunless tanners to get the best result. Here are some of the commonly asked questions I get about sunless tanners: Will the tan from a sunless tanner protect me from sunburn? No. Sunless tanners might provide … Continue reading

Myth: Moisturizers are Bad for Acne Skin

Often, people with oily, acne-prone skin neglect their moisturizers. The truth is even acne skin needs moisture. When the skin is denied moisture, the sebaceous glands take over and become more active and productive. It is the excess oil production that contributes to more acne. Also, the dry flakey skin from lack of moisture can block the follicles and incubate more bacteria that is trapped under the surface. The use of a light moisturizer with a sunscreen is the best protection for acne skin. It provides a light veil of moisture and protects from the potential of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation which is a problem for acne skin as the blemishes heal. Additional moisture benefits, without the emollients contained in most moisturizers, can be found in aqueous product like toners and serums. Most of these will have humectant qualities (drawing moisture from the air) with the addition of antioxidants for healthier … Continue reading

Simple Expressions


How many times have you said, “Oh, it was simple.” I bet you say it often. Though, was “it” – the birthday party, charity event, presentation, conversation with a loved one, etc. – truly simple? It seems the things that were created to make our lives easier and simple – BlackBerries, iPhones, iPods – actually complicate our daily lives. I admit that I multi-task constantly and it’s not simple, relaxing, or, for that matter, safe (particularly when you are driving!). Seriously, can’t we all take a breath, pause and make things simple? I recently met up with a family member I hadn’t seen in a while. She has been under a lot of stress lately and it really was beginning to show on her face and in her body language. I know from experience that a small change in her appearance could have a profound change in her own attitude. … Continue reading