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Welcome to the BeautyWorkout Zone


Skin Authority CEO, Celeste Hilling, Welcomes You To The BeautyWorkout Zone!

Skin is often thought of as something we peel, pluck, shave, and cover with foundation. But today, we know that it is so much more. Science now substantiates that skin plays a key role in our overall well-being; it acts as the body’s heater and air conditioner, shock absorber for your inner organs, production source for key hormones like Vitamin D, and additional antioxidants. Ten years ago we trademarked the tagline “Live The Healthy Skin Lifestyle” with a goal to deliver the tools, education and support necessary to achieve a lifetime of healthy radiant skin. This means partnering with you through all of the phases of your life. This mission has permeated and guided every decision we have made in the last ten years from the customer relationships we have forged to the technology and product innovations we deliver. Most importantly, the people who work for and with Skin Authority share a passion for coaching our customers through to success and keeping that success going. Healthy, beautiful skin is the cumulative effect of the decisions we make every day. Just like working out transforms the physical beauty and resiliance of our body, commitment to a daily routine of prevention and repair evokes similar transformation in the skin. Think of it as your Beauty Workout!

With that outcome in mind, I am pleased to introduce you to The BeautyWorkoutTM Zone, a resource that not only gives fun cosmetic tips and ways to look better, but provides the education and you need to live a vibrant, healthy, long life. We will have expert tips and techniques, professional skin coaching, and easy ways to adopt a Healthy Skin Lifestyle. Here’s how we’ve organized the posts:

  • In Celeste’s Corner, I will be sharing experiences of my on going journey to skin health, cool things I learn along the way as well as real world glimpses into the behind the scenes life of working mom, wife and entrepreneur.
  • In Healthy Lifestyle, we will talk about all aspects of skin health including nutrition, fitness, beauty, mental balance, and general well-being.
  • In Skin Care Essentials, we will bring you the latest information about skin care technology and how to identify what is right for your needs.
  • In BeautyWorkoutTM,we will be unfolding the steps of a BeautyWorkoutTM and how you can optimize yours for the radiant skin you desire.
  • Finally, in News & Events, you’ll get the latest happenings here at Skin Authority, from appearances by our lovely Ambassador, 3-time Olympic Champion Kerri Walsh Jennings, to exciting product launches.

The easiest way for you to get in the “Zone is to enter your email in the subscribe box in the left column. You will receive expert tips, tricks, and professional advice will be delivered directly to your inbox. Are you ready to get in the BeautyWorkout Zone with us?

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