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Who is in Your Support System?

By Katie Hitchcock, Skin Authority Team

There are so many times you pick up a magazine and it advises you to get a workout buddy. For the longest time I would ignore that advice for a variety of reasons. I didn’t want to be competitive with a friend over who could run further, lift heavier, or catch their breath faster. I didn’t want someone to force me to stick to a strict schedule if I wanted to mix it up. Honestly, I didn’t want that extra guilt if I wanted to skip a workout. Sound familiar?

Flash forward a few months and now I have a workout buddy. I didn’t do it on purpose, but boy am I glad to have her there. It started as an accident: I invited her along to a spin class and the rest, as they say, is history. Now, she’s there when I consider skipping the class after a long day of work or to push me to go harder as we see each other’s reflections in the mirrored classroom. Before the class, I may be annoyed that I can’t skip class as guiltlessly, but having that support system there to keep me moving towards my goals (even when I may be inclined to take a detour) is so important.

How does this relate to skin care? Support systems are everything. You cannot always look to your peers for skin care support. Many women simply haven’t had the education to know how to improve their own skin concerns, much less helping friends with theirs. Knowing that we have a free and extremely valuable resource in the Skin Authority Skin Coaches, I’ve been able to learn about the importance of regular skin care and have someone to always go to whenever I have any questions or concerns. Learning about skin conditions that specifically concern me, and not just generalized information, helps me address what I need to get me closer to my skin care goals.

“I really love them, but beyond just how the products work I LOVE LOVE LOVE the skin coach aspect. They help you pick the right products for your skin, instruct you on how to use them and answer questions you may have. It’s such a cool service.”   – Jill from Jill Will Run

We all have different support systems for different areas of our lives. I have different people who I go to (and come to me) for support with working out, skin care, eating well, work, family… you name it, I have someone for it. But when we have the opportunity to have free access to experts in any field, we should take advantage of the professional advice and utilize them to help propel us towards our ultimate goals.

Have you added a Skin Coach to your support system?

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