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I am all about a multi-tasking product. Between work, working out, and having a social life, I am constantly on-the-go and space in my bag is a hot commodity.  While I like to cut down on the number of products I’m using daily, I’m also not about to sacrifice any of the results I want to see. With that being said, let me introduce you to my best friends: the Beauty Infusion Collection. There are four different Beauty Infusions that give you the ultimate customization based on what your skin needs that day – during the summer, I may use a little more Clarifying and during the winter, I may use a little more Hydrating, but all 4 of these gems are mainstays in my cosmetic bag. Here’s why:


Skin – Let’s start with the obvious: the Beauty Infusions have major skin benefits! Whether you are focused on brightening, clarifying, anti-aging, or hydrating, you will instantly see a healthy glow as you feed your skin the superfoods it needs. And let’s not forget that “skin” isn’t just on your face – give your body some love! Add a few drops of the Brightening and Anti-Aging Beauty Infusions to your body lotion (like my favorite: Hand Foot Body Restoration) to help correct some of the damage your chest and arms undoubtedly incurred this summer.


Hair – For both my scalp and ends of my hair, I am obsessed with the Beauty Infusions. Put a few drops of the Anti-Aging Beauty Infusion with Swertia Chirata on your scalp to promote a healthy scalp and even help prevent (!) grays. The Hydrating Beauty Infusion with Quinoa & Avocado will help to treat dandruff, while also sealing split ends. The Clarifying Beauty Infusion with Probiotics will help to prevent hair loss and increase thickness.  As someone with long blonde hair, I cannot live without the Brightening Beauty Infusion with Turmeric & Blueberry – it helps to support healthy hair growth while keeping my color from fading! Another reason I’m obsessed – so many products claim that an oil is “weightless,” but when I try to tame a few fly-a-ways, it ends up looking like I’m using a coconut oil mask (gross). With only about 4-6 drops, all of the Beauty Infusions will smooth and give your hair a gorgeous shine, without feeling heavy or greasy whatsoever.  


Nails – Whether you rock bare nails, give yourself a weekly mani, or go all-out with gels, your nails need some love. Every AM & PM after I apply my concoction of Beauty Infusions, I apply any remaining product onto my cuticles and nail beds. Just like you need a healthy scalp to grow healthy hair, it is so important to keep your cuticles hydrated and nourished. If you don’t wear nail polish, the subtle sheen from the Beauty Infusions give your nails a healthy glow, and if you do – make sure you get a few drops of the Beauty Infusions on your nails in between polishes to keep your nails hydrated and strong. Nail polish is meant to make your nails look better, so don’t let it don’t dry out and ruin your nails!
Makeup – You’re wearing makeup all day – why not infuse it with skin care benefits? Some of my favorite makeup artists (shout out to Jill Colwell @poisoneyeliner) love to mix a few drops of the Beauty Infusions into foundation to give it more of a satin finish & dewy glow.

There are so many different ways to mix & match the Beauty Infusions – what is your favorite way to use them

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