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How SkinSuit™ Can Enhance Your Skin Care Products

Everyone knows that certain ingredients and products have different benefits to them, but did you know that SkinSuit™ by Skin Authority, along with its own benefits, actually enhances the benefits of other products it is used in tandem with? This powerful product does so much more than simply add a layer of protection to keep your skin healthy and glowing, but when it is combined with your other favorite Skin Authority products it will actually enhance their effectiveness and bring out your best possible skin. 

SkinSuit + Super-C Serum

Slowing signs of aging doesn’t have to be a long process, especially if we have anything to say about it. SkinSuit protects your skin from environmental aggressors before damage occurs while the Super-C Serum brings Vitamin C together with antioxidants to increase skin firmness, tone, brightness, and photo aging protection. Combining the two will give your skin the boost it needs to reduce signs of aging by firming and toning your skin. 

SkinSuit + VitaD Fortified™ Topical Elixir

Whether you’re a city-dweller or living in the country, there are many different aggressors that can harm your skin and encourage premature aging. Combining the ability of SkinSuit to protect against UV, blue light, infrared, activity-induced heat, and pollution with the VitaD Fortified™ Topical Elixir’s Vitamin D infused and antioxidant-rich formula that brightens, firms, and protects, will ensure your skin is guarded, luminous, and silky to the touch. 

SkinSuit + Vitamin A Cell Renewal

We all need a fresh start every now and again – your skin included! SkinSuit reduces roaming free radical formation for a healthier and brighter complexion, making the texture-smoothing and brightening powers of the Vitamin A Cell Renewal that much stronger. This power couple is exactly what your skin needs to look and feel refreshed. 

SkinSuit + Illuminating Body Peel Cream

SkinSuit can protect your skin from aggressors, but it can be much more effective when your skin is exfoliated and healthy. The Illuminating Body Peel Cream nourishes the whole body while hydrating, smoothing, and rejuvenating even the roughest patches of skin. Combining the two will allow your rejuvenated skin to stay healthy and moisturized, even against the harshest of environmental threats! If you’re looking to take the extra step, add in the Oil Nutrient for Face, Hair, & Nails to enhance the appearance of your healthy skin while softening and giving you a healthy glow. 

Look your best and get the most out of your products by making sure they bring out the best in each other. SkinSuit by Skin Authority can enhance your favorite products to make sure you are getting all the benefits for your skin that you possibly can!

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