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Camp Skin Authority

We are so excited to be launching Camp Skin Authority this month as an opportunity to transform the seclusion and uncertainty of stay at home time into an engaging adventure!

As we started to practice social distancing we saw that our normal lives began to change. Children were home from school every day turning parents into homeschool teachers, couples were suddenly co-workers, and people around the world found themselves at home wondering what to do next. As we saw people struggle to come up with ways to entertain their families and themselves we thought we could do something to help… and Camp Skin Authority was born. 

We had our coaches (or in this case counselors) come up with camp kits that include some of our product paired with an activity, education, and the opportunity to share with the greater Skin Authority community. Each kit was created to help you with self-care and support time together with your loved ones that you are self-isolating with. 

The kits are each unique and serve their own special purpose:

  • RESCUE ME: An interactive, mask immersion for you, your housemates or your family to experience together. What’s better than masking? Masking with your friends and family of course! Plus, while you mask you can learn more about the history of masking and the benefits of our 7-Minute Makeover Mask.
  • BATH TIME: Whether it’s a relaxation activity for you or a part of your nightly routine with your kiddos, maximize your bath time with our camp kit! You will leave your bath feeling invigorated and refreshed!
  • SCREEN TIME SAVIOR: You may think that spending more time inside would be easier on your skin (less pollution and UV rays), but, with added screen time and the skin aggressors that are found in our homes, we need to give our skin some extra love and protection during this time. 
  • FAKE A VACAY: While we are all wishing we could be spending our isolation on a beautiful beach, that’s just not the case for most of us. That’s why we created the Fake a Vacay kit, so when we do enter back into the real world we can have a natural glow. 
  • COUPLES RETREAT: We know that with this new lifestyle it can make date nights feel like a thing of the past, but we want to encourage you to take this time to connect with your significant other. That’s why we created the perfect at-home spa kit for you and your partner to enjoy together. 

While this is a scary time with a lot of unknowns we truly believe that it can also be a time to improve yourself, enjoy things you didn’t have the time to before, and deepen your relationships, and if you happen to get better skin while you’re at it… even better! We hope you will join the adventure with us and take part in Camp Skin Authority!

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