Spring Revival: Getting a Safe Sunny Glow

YellowPlumeriaCloseUpIs there a better time of year than spring? Everything is coming alive and people are so happy to escape from their winter cocoons.

With the sun shining and the warmer temps, we’ve been receiving several questions about safe tanning. I am so thrilled that the message of safe, sunless tanning is resonating with today’s teens and 20-something’s as well as those of us who are a bit older and probably spent too much time in the sun when we were young!

I invite you to check out and these quick tips to keep in mind with sunless tanning: Frequently Asked Questions About Sunless Tanners.

I also have a short video on how to apply sunless tanners to get the best result.

Here are some of the commonly asked questions I get about sunless tanners:

Will the tan from a sunless tanner protect me from sunburn?
No. Sunless tanners might provide up to an SPF 2 or SPF 4 degree of protection. However, it’s not enough to get by on. You must use sunscreen.

I have a sunless tanner left over from last summer. Is it okay to use?
In most cases, yes. Sunless tanners stored in airtight containers at room temperature will last two years or more. When you store a product, make sure the cap is tightly closed.

I have to shave my legs before applying sunless tanners. Is this right?
You claim that you have to shave your legs first because, otherwise, you shave your sunless tan off. However, the reason you are shaving your sunless tan off is because you didn’t properly exfoliate the dead skin off your legs first.

How should I properly exfoliate to make sure I get my best tan?
Skin Authority has an amazing Exfoliating Cleanser that uses natural pumice and exfoliators derived from sugar cane to remove dead skin cells and calluses on the toughest parts of the body. Skin feels smooth, soft, revitalized, and ready for a tan. The Skin Authority Sunless Tanner  does not have an odd smell and it doesn’t stain your clothes or sheets. And, don’t forget that you need sunscreen every day! Skin Authority’s Sunscreen Moisturizer offers 4-star protection.


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