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Trick or Treat: Skin Authority Edition

It seems like this year has come and gone in the blink of an eye, and we can’t believe it’s already October. While time may fly, signs of aging and stresses from days past are no match for Skin Authority products, and this month you don’t have to pick between a trick or a treat – we’ll give you a bit of both to make sure you and your skin are as healthy as can be this season (and long after). 

Bag of Tricks

We love when a skin care product does its job, but we also love when we find one that’s an amazing “multi-tasker”. Luckily, we have plenty of great multi-tasking additions you’ll want to add to your arsenal for a head-to-toe glow. 

Give every inch of your body a boost of nutrients and hydration with the Nutrient 9X Oil. This anti-inflammatory blend of 9 protective oils restores the skin moisture barrier. It instantly plumps, smooths, and softens. It can be applied to wherever your skin needs it (especially if it’s oily), but it also softens and soothes your scalp, hair, and nails. You’ll be left with a long-lasting and healthy-looking sheen that’s sure to turn heads in all the best ways. 

Why layer on the products when some can double up to be a part of your makeup routine? Our SkinSuit™ product family is the perfect start for a natural dewy look. SkinSuit Face makes for the perfect concealer to blur out imperfections. Follow it up with our newest product, SkinSuit Natural Tint Skin Perfector, as a lightweight full-coverage foundation to set a great base for your other products. Dab a little SkinSuit Lip on your lips and cheeks for a sweet, natural flush. 

Give your hair a little love during your next self-care moment. While our 7-Minute Miracle Mask can work wonders on your face by deeply cleaning and exfoliating, the leftover foaming solution can be used as a gentle clarifying shampoo to cut the invisible buildup that has collected on your locks from products and your environment. Just lather it into your scalp, let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly to reveal noticeably clean and healthy hair. 

When your skin needs a little extra intensive boost, there’s no better choice than one of our Pro Treatment Kits. Each kit comes with full-sized products for a special treatment. Our Body Love Trio is perfect when your whole body needs an exfoliating refresh. Our Bright ‘N Tight Kit contains five steps to combat dark spots and uneven skin tone while brightening and tightening. The After Glow Kit tackles UV overload to rejuvenate damaged skin – perfect for post-summer.

Pick a Treat (or Two)

Whatever your skin is craving, give it a treat! Whether you’re dealing with acne or dryness or anything in between, your skin is trying to tell you something, and it’s time to listen. We have a Skin Authority product to give it exactly what it needs (and of course, our Skin Coaches are around to guide you if you don’t know where to start). 

If you’re suffering from those pesky breakouts, you’re definitely not alone. From stress to environmental aggressors to hormones – there are so many causes. The Clarifying Liquid Peel is a great start to ensure that your pores are clear of irritants. It’s a gentle, leave-on AHA/BHA peel that diminishes congestion and blackheads and smooths uneven texture. It clears the way for your other skincare products to do their job. If your skin is inflamed, use the Calming Mask as a spot treatment or all-over treatment. It uses three different detoxifying clays to exfoliate, reduce blemishes, and soothe irritated skin. 

If the cooler weather is giving you dry skin (or if you’re just a year-round sufferer), the Ultra Rich Moisturizer is the one for you. It uses the power of botanical extracts to deeply hydrate and plump your skin for a more youthful and natural glow. Of course, if your skin needs a little drink of water throughout the day, keeping our Moisturizing Mist on hand is a must. You’ll be able to spritz on moisture that simultaneously offers protection against outside aggressors. 

Skin at every age is absolutely gorgeous, but we also want to do all we can to make sure we’re nourishing it so it’s not showing signs of aging too quickly or in a way that makes you feel self-conscious with your beautiful self. To keep your skin plump and tight, use our Beauty Infusion™ for Anti-Aging. It concentrates ayurvedic extracts from Swertia Chirata to reduce the look of photo aging, wrinkles, lip lines, skin texture, scalp, and damaged hair. Follow it up with the Dramatic Eye Lift to give your delicate eye area a visibly firming lift without the injections and procedures. 

Treat yourself to a faster makeup routine. The Instant Perfection Peel Pads exfoliate and kill surface bacteria, leaving your skin smooth and prepped for flawless makeup application. Follow it up with SkinSuit Natural Tint Skin Perfector to use as an all-in-one full-coverage foundation that offers plenty of hydration, protection, and smoothness that’ll last all day. It serves as the perfect base to the rest of your makeup routine without being cakey, too! 

So go ahead, do a little trick-or-treating of your own this year with Skin Authority and find a skincare routine that works FOR you, no matter what you and your skin are going through. You’ll be left with a happy, healthy glow – and no it’s not magic…it’s Skin Authority. Replenish your favorites and snag something new this fall! 

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