Give the Gift of Health: The DefenderPRO Air Beautification System

As the holiday season starts rolling in, we are all prepping our homes for friends and family to safely visit and gather in celebration. We are hanging our wreaths, lighting our fires, and adding cozy touches around our homes in anticipation. It’s definitely a magical time of year where we get to be surrounded by those we love and share sweet memories with one another. One way to show some extra love and care to them is by keeping them healthy, and our DefenderPRO Air Beautification System is just what your home needs to protect them from airborne aggressors, like viruses, allergens, and more. Here’s why the DefenderPRO is the best gift you can have in your home this holiday season.  How It Works The DefenderPRO Air Beautification System by Skin Authority is a first-of-its-kind FDA registered Class II Medical Device that was created with your home and office spaces in mind. ...

Your Night-time Routine for Glowing Skin

Beauty sleep is a real thing. While you get your zzz’s, your body promotes blood flow to the skin, giving you a healthy glow when you wake up. When you deprive yourself of sleep, blood flow decreases around your face, leaving your skin ashy or lifeless.
It can be hard to get some shut-eye when you are up thinking about work or your busy schedule. Try some of these tips to help you snooze during your busy week so you can wake up rested and radiant.


Stay off your Phone and Laptop

Your phone and laptop gives off blue light, which can inhibit production of melatonin (a hormone your brain produces to promote sleep). Stay off your electronic devices at least an hour before going to bed. If you absolutely must answer those emails or watch that episode of Grey’s Anatomy, use a blue light filter app like Iris or Sunset Screen. This ...