June 2020 – Men’s Health Month!

June 2020 is Men’s Health Month! This month gives an opportunity for health care providers & experts to give males of all ages tips for healthy lifestyle choices (exercising, eating healthy, getting enough sleep etc) as well as medical advice, and early diagnosis tips for disease.

While maintaining a healthy physical lifestyle + diet is important to your overall health it is also hugely important to have a healthy skin care routine- as your skin is your front line of defense against illness and disease.

At Skin Authority your health is at the top of our priorities. Here are some of our products that will help keep you and your skin safe!

  • SkinSuit™ This sheer, hydrating and silky fluid promotes an even skin tone while intercepting indoor and outdoor environmental aggressors before they induce the oxidative stress that causes skin to age. Our SkinSuit Shields and protects you from UV light (Broad Spectrum SPF 50), blue light, infrared radiation, activity induced heat, and environmental pollution.
  • Super-C SerumHarnessing the power of Vitamin C for essential protection as the front line of defense against germs & oxidative stress that leads to hyperpigmentation and skin wrinkling
  • Acne & Oil Control + Illuminating Body PeelThis product combination is a great way to protect you and your skin! Both products have agents in them like alcohol that kill germs +  won’t dry out your skin but leave you feeling soft and moisturized! 
  • Hand SanitizerOur spray hand sanitizer is a 80% alcohol based (most other brands are only 60%) fragrance free spray used to decrease microbes on skin that could cause disease
  • Anti-Aging Shave Serum – Unique serum formula preps the skin for an ultra close, irritation free shave and leaves behind powerful skin softening extracts for a more youthful appearance. Can be used without shaving as a transforming, standalone anti-aging treatment.
  • Hydrating Sunscreen Moisturize your skin and minimize the aging effects caused by sun, stress, and lifestyle. Our lightweight formula is packed with hydrators, vitamins, and antioxidants + it provides you with SPF 30 broad spectrum protection!
  • Oil Nutrient for Face, Hair, & NailsYou can get skin cancer where?! Some of us would never think to keep our nails protected, but at Skin Authority we have you covered! Keep your cuticles and nails safe  by using out Oil Nutrient for Face, Hair, & Nails.

We are always here for you at Skin Authority! Contact one of our Skin Coaches today to learn more about a skin care routine that will help promote a healthy lifestyle and keep you safe not only for Men’s Health Month – but for all of the years to come.

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